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Colourful Roots Partners
A special thank you to BAB and VAB for their support by agreeing to accept the submissions during the closure of the Heritage Complex during the construction project.
Community Contributors 
Judy Daley, Acton
Chamila Belleh, Brampton
Carol Williams, Palgrave
Margaret Couse, Georgetown
Alicia Mitchell, Brampton
Leanne Childs, Hamilton
Sue Martin St. George
Maureen Couse, Georgetown
Irene Shaw, Stoney Creek
Paulette Murphy, Brampton
Sharonanne Baillie, Brampton
​Janice Moreau, Brampton
Jackie Cote, Stoney Creek
Sheree Scholte, Brampton 
Helena Lyon
Emma Firth, Kitchener 
Kayla Dellaire, Milton
Hanna Dellaire, Milton
Maevè Rosalie Mitchell, Seattle, Washington

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Interior Decorating &Visual Merchandising Arts Student Contributors 

Ackerman, Lauren Katylyn
Bruder, Alannah 
Buiks, Rachel Elizabeth
Campbell, Alanah Joan
Choy, Mallory 
Fisher, Lauren Olivia
Gerber, Samantha Lynn
Gonzalez, Sarah Eugenia Eugenia
Hall, Taylor Elizabeth
Hill, Laura Christine
Klip, Nicole 
Kliska, Marina 
Leonte, Florentina 
Martino, Sable Crystal
Mcfalls, Alexandra Christine
McNair, Robyn A
McRae-Gauvin, Ashley Lynn
Metzger, Theresa Rose
Moghaddam, Nikoo 
Nguyen Le, Vi Bao 
Nguyen, Tam Minh
Orellana, Melanie Catalina
Potter, Dean 
Reich, Aleasha 
Shawbedees, Susan Kathleen Anna
Sim, Gyda Raquel Taralrud
Singh, Katrina Bryanne
Towle, Janine 
Wilson, Alyssa Ann-leslie

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